100 Ways To Motivate Others Summary

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""100 Ways To Motivate Others""

copyright >Author : Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson Publisher : Career Press, 2004 ISBN : 1564147711

Copyright remain with the above author/publisher.

Key take aways from the above book

  1. Wake Yourself Up.
  2. Use Your Best Time for Your Biggest Challenge.
  3. Use the Power of Deadlines.
  4. Use Positive Reinforcement.
  5. Use 10 Minutes Well.
  6. Tune In Before You Turn On.
  7. Translate Worry into Concern.
  8. Track the agreement.
  9. To Motivate Your People, First Just Relax.
  10. Think of Management as Easy. Tell the Truth Quickly.
  11. Teach Your People "No" Power.
  12. Teach Them to Teach Themselves.
  13. Teach Self-Discipline.
  14. Stop Talking.
  15. Stop Pushing.
  16. Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder.
  17. Stop Cuddling Up.
  18. Stop Criticizing Upper Management.
  19. Stop Apologizing for Change.
  20. Soften Your Heart.
  21. Slow Down.
  22. Seize Responsibility.
  23. See What's Possible.
  24. Score the Performance.
  25. Restate commitment to the person.
  26. Refuse to Buy their Limitation.
  27. Put Your Hose Away.
  28. Pump Up Your E-mails.
  29. Preach the Role of Thought.
  30. Play It Lightly.
  31. Play Both Good Cop and Bad Cop.
  32. Phase Out Disagreement.
  33. Pay Attention.
  34. Motivate by Doing.
  35. Manage Your Own Superiors.
  36. Manage the Fundamentals First.
  37. Manage Agreements, Not People.
  38. Make It Happen Today.
  39. Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart.
  40. Let People Find It.
  41. Learn What Leadership Is Not.
  42. Learn to Experiment.
  43. Learn the Inner Thing.
  44. Lead With Language.
  45. Lead with Enthusiasm.
  46. Lead from the Front.
  47. Lead by Selling.
  48. Know You've Got the Time.
  49. Know Your Purpose.
  50. Know Your People's Strengths.
  51. Know Your Owners and Victims.
  52. Know Where Motivation Comes From.
  53. Know What You Want to Grow.
  54. Keep Your People Thinking Friendly Customer Thoughts.
  55. Keep Learning.
  56. Keep Giving Feedback.
  57. Keep All Your Smallest Promises.
  58. Inspire Inner Stability.
  59. Hold On to Principle.
  60. Hire the Motivated.
  61. Hear Your People Out.
  62. Give Up Being Right.
  63. Give Power to the Other Person.
  64. Get the Picture.
  65. Get Some Coaching Yourself.
  66. Get Input from Your People.
  67. Forget about Failure.
  68. Follow Consulting with Action.
  69. Focus On the Result, Not the Excuse.
  70. Focus Like a Camera.
  71. Feed Your Healthy Ego.
  72. Encourage Your People to Concentrate.
  73. Don't Throw the Quit Switch.
  74. Don't Go Crazy.Don't Forget to Breathe.
  75. Don't Confuse Stressing Out with Caring.
  76. Don't Change Yourself.
  77. Don't Be Afraid to Make Requests.
  78. Do the Worst First.
  79. Do the One Thing.
  80. Do The Math On Your Approach.
  81. Deliver the Reward.
  82. Decide to Be Great.
  83. Debate Yourself.
  84. Cultivate the Power of Reassurance.
  85. Create Your Relationships.
  86. Create a Vision.
  87. Create a Routine.
  88. Create a Game.
  89. Count Yourself In.
  90. Communicate Consciously.
  91. Come From The Future.
  92. Coach Your People to Complete.
  93. Coach the Outcome.
  94. Buy-in: I have figured out how I can make this work for me and for others.
  95. Build a Culture of Acknowledgement.
  96. Become Conscious.
  97. Be the Cause, Not the Effect.
  98. Be a Ruthless Optimist.
  99. Always Show Them.
  100. Accelerate Change.


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