A High Wind Rising Characters

  • Last updated on December 10, 2021

First published: 1942

Type of work: Novel

Type of plot: Historical

Time of work: 1728-1755

Locale: Pennsylvania

Characters DiscussedJohann Sebastian Schantz

Johann High Wind Rising, ASebastian Schantz (YOH-hahn zeh-BAS-tih-ahn shants), called Bastian or Owkwari-owira (Young Bear), a white boy freed from the Mohawk Indians by Conrad Weiser.

Ottilia Zimmer

Ottilia Zimmer (oh-TEE-lee-ah TSIHM-mehr), an orphan who is first seen by Bastian among the immigrants in Philadelphia. He locates her later in Lancaster and marries her. She is attacked by Indians and left for dead but recovers and returns to safety.


Margaretta and


Gertraud (GEHR-trowd), their twin daughters, who are later stolen by Indians.

Conrad Weiser

Conrad Weiser (VI-zehr), an Indian agent and interpreter who helps keep the Six Nations loyal to the British.

Anna Eve Weiser

Anna Eve Weiser (AHN-nah AY-veh), Conrad’s wife, who brings up Bastian until he can be taken to Anna Sabilla Schantz.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria, the Weisers’ daughter, in love with Bastian.

Anna Sabilla Schantz

Anna Sabilla Schantz (sah-BIHL-lah), a pioneer matriarch and the grandmother of Bastian.


Margaretta, her daughter, who runs away with an English trader.


Nicholas, Anna Sabilla’s paralyzed brother.


Skelet (skeh-LEHT), a sickly, humpbacked Delaware Indian, befriended by Anna, who teaches woodlore to Bastian. Chiefly moved by greed, he repays Anna by rescuing her and the twins during an Indian massacre, and he returns with them to the settlement.

The Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenburg

The Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenburg (MEHL-khyohr MEWL-ehn-burg), who eventually marries Anna Weiser.

Sibby Heil

Sibby Heil (hil), who is in love with Bastian.

Israel Fitch

Israel Fitch, a trader who buys Anna Sabilla’s carved puppets.

General Edward Braddock

General Edward Braddock, who tries to drive the French out of Ohio.


Shekellimy, a Delaware chief friendly to Weiser.


Sassoonan, another Delaware chief.


Tanacharison and


Scarouady, Indian war leaders when the winds of violence rise in the West.

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