A Mirror for Witches Characters

  • Last updated on December 10, 2021

First published: 1928

Type of work: Novel

Type of plot: Psychological realism

Time of work: Seventeenth century

Locale: Massachusetts

Characters DiscussedDoll

Doll, Mirror for Witches, Aa Breton child adopted by Captain Jared Bilby after her mother is burned as a witch. As she grows up, strange things happen to her and around her, until she is thought to be a witch and believes it herself. She is tried for witchcraft but dies peacefully in her cell; she believes her demon lover has come for her.

Captain Jared Bilby

Captain Jared Bilby, an English sea captain who becomes Doll’s foster father. He takes her to America with his family and rears her. When he wants her to marry Titus Thumb, she curses him and he dies.

Hannah Bilby

Hannah Bilby, Captain Bilby’s wife. She hates the child her husband has taken in, believing that a searing look from Doll causes her miscarriage. When Doll grows up, Hannah accuses her of being a witch.

Titus Thumb

Titus Thumb, a young man in love with Doll. At first, Doll locks him out of the house when he comes courting. When he asks her to marry him, she bites his hand.


Labour and

Sorrow Thumb

Sorrow Thumb, Titus’ twin sisters. They claim that Doll tortures them with her witchcraft.

The Bloody Shad

The Bloody Shad, a pirate. Doll believes he is her demon lover. The name is also given to an impish monkey her lover has with him. He is the son of Goody Greene. When he is executed at Boston harbor with two other pirates, Doll is lonely again.

Goody Greene

Goody Greene, an old herb woman thought to be a witch. She is The Bloody Shad’s mother. She and the minister are the only ones in the village who remain friendly to Doll.

Mr. Zacharias Zelley

Mr. Zacharias Zelley, the minister in the village. He tries to comfort Doll and save her soul.

Mrs. Thumb

Mrs. Thumb, Titus’ mother. She is sure that Doll has bewitched her daughters.


Ahab, a savage black bull owned by the Thumbs. Doll has a strange power over him, and he is friendly to her but to no one else.

Deacon Thumb

Deacon Thumb, Titus’ father. Finally convinced that Doll is a witch, he has her jailed.

Mr. Kleaver

Mr. Kleaver, a surgeon. He joins Deacon Thumb in insisting that Doll be jailed.

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