Administrative assistant to chief justice Summary

  • Last updated on November 11, 2022

A person who assists the chief justice in a multitude of administrative duties.

The chief justice assigns various duties to the administrative assistant, who is assisted by a small support staff. These duties include conducting research for the chief justice’s public addresses and statements, acting as a intermediary between the chief justice and others, such as Congress, the executive branch, and the state courts, and “monitoring of literature and developments in the fields of judicial administration and court improvement.” The administrative assistant also aids the chief justice in responsibilities to the Federal Judicial Center, the Judicial Conference, and the Smithsonian Institution.Burger, Warren E.

Other duties include helping the chief justice prepare the Supreme Court’s budget, drafting personnel policies, and resolving problems concerning the Court’s staff. The administrative assistant also recruits new staff and officers of the Court. Further responsibilities include managing the judicial internship program at the Court and directing the judicial fellows program, started by Warren E. Burger in 1973. After the position was created, four people have filled the capacity of administrative assistant to the chief justice.

Burger, Warren E.

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