Africa in the 17th Century

A map showing the various peoples of Africa in the seventeenth century.

Rise of Rwanda

Emergence of Luba Governance

Songhai Empire Dissolves

Emergence of the Merina Kingdom

Expansion of the Oyo Kingdom

Rise of the Arma in Timbuktu

European Powers Vie for Control of Gorée

The Middle Passage to American Slavery

Formation of the Kuba Kingdom

Dutch and Portuguese Struggle for the Guinea Coast

Foundation of the Darfur Sultanate

Conquest of Luanda

Ndongo Wars

Emergence of the Guinea Coast States

Wars for the Red Sea Trade

Dutch Begin to Colonize Southern Africa

Expansion of the Alawis

A Jihad Is Called in Senegambia

Second Anglo-Dutch War

Decline of Benin

Rise of Buganda

Decline of the Solomonid Dynasty