Amadís of Gaul Characters

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First published: Amadís de Gaula, 1508 (English translation, 1619)

Type of work: Novel

Type of plot: Romance

Time of work: First century

Locale: France, England, and the rest of Europe

Characters DiscussedAmadís de Gaul

Amadís Amadís of Gaulde Gaul (ah-mah-DEES duh gawl), the natural son of King Perion of Gaul and Elisena, daughter of King Garinter of Lesser Britain. To be worthy of his beloved, Oriana, the daughter of the king of England, and to win her hand, he becomes a knight and passes through many brave adventures.

King Perión of Gaul

King Perión of Gaul (pehr-ee-OHN), the father of Amadís de Gaul.

Princess Elisena

Princess Elisena(eh-lee-SEHN-nah), the mother of Amadís de Gaul.


Galaor (gah-lah-OHR), the brother of Amadís de Gaul.


Lisuarte (lee-SWAHR-teh), the king of England and the father of Oriana.


Brisena (bree-SEH-nah), the queen of England and the mother of Oriana.


Oriana (ohr-ee-AH-nah), the daughter of King Lisuarte and Queen Brisena. She is loved by Amadís de Gaul, who wins her hand after many knightly adventures.


Urganda (ewr-GAHN-dah), an enchantress, the protector of Amadís de Gaul.


Arcalaus (ahr-kah-LOWS), a wicked magician.

King Garinter

King Garinter(gah-reen-TEHR), the grandfather of Amadís de Gaul.


Darioleta (dahr-ee-oh-LEH-tah), Elisena’s attendant. She hides the infant Amadís de Gaul, along with his father’s ring, in an ark and sets him afloat.


Gandales (gahn-DAH-lehs), a knight who finds Amadís de Gaul in the sea and rears him.


Gandalín (gahn-dahl-EEN), the son of Gandales.


Languines (lahn-GWEEN-ehs), the king of Scotland, who takes Amadís de Gaul to his court.


Abies (AH-bee-ehs), the king of Ireland and the enemy of King Perion.


Galpano (gahl-PAH-noh), a haughty robber who is overcome by Amadís de Gaul.


Barsinan (bahr-SEE-nahn), a traitor to King Lisuarte.


Apolidón (ah-pohl-lee-DOHN), the son of the king of Greece.

King Aravigo

King Aravigo(ah-rah-VEE-goh), an enemy of King Lisuarte and Amadís de Gaul.


Gasquil´n (gahs-kee-LAHN), the king of Sweden, who is overthrown in single combat by Amadís de Gaul.


Esplandi´n (ehs-plahn-dee-AHN), a messenger.

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