Angel Song

“infobox Book”
name Angel Song
orig title
author Sheila Walsh, Kathryn Cushman
country United States
language English languageEnglish
classification Fiction
genre Christian Fiction
publisher Thomas Nelson
release_date August 2010
media_type Print (paperback)
pages 352
isbn ISBN-10: 1595546855, ISBN-13: 978-1595546852

Angel Song is a novel written by Grammy-nominated musician, writer and Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh and novelist Kathryn Cushman. Angel Song is Walsh’s first novel.
Angel Song tells the story of New York designer Ann Fletcher who, on a visit home to South Carolina, experiences a tragic loss. In her grief, Ann begins to sense the presence of angels – and wonders whether this means that she is losing touch with reality. She is befriended by 12-year-old Keith, a boy who has Down syndrome. Ann is startled to hear Keith describe the angels he sees every day. Ann doubts Keith’s claim that angels surround her, but wonders why she hears music no one else but the two of them can hear. She also becomes aware that something mystical seems to be conspiring to keep her in her childhood home, next door to Keith. Ann’s life is transformed when she joins a new community, discovers a long-lost letter, and recognizes the love and presence of God.
Themes in Angel Song include grief, loss, angels, betrayal, interior design, Christian spirituality, and children with Down syndrome.