Asia and Australasia, 1914 Summary

  • Last updated on November 10, 2022

A map showing the 1914 political designations of Asia and Australasia.





Commonwealth of Australia Is Formed

Formation of the British Commonwealth of Nations

Britain Separates Burma from India

Japan Occupies Indochinese Ports

Plague Kills 1.2 Million in India

Sun Yixian Overthrows the Qing Dynasty

China Declares War on Japan

Mao’s Long March

Chinese Forces Break Yellow River Levees

Russo-Japanese War

Japanese Annexation of Korea

Earthquake Rocks Japan

Japan Occupies Indochinese Ports

Ilinden Uprising in Macedonia

Young Turks Stage a Coup in the Ottoman Empire

League of Nations Establishes Mandate for Palestine

Great Uprising of Arabs in Palestine

Philippines Ends Its Uprising Against the United States

World War I

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