Asia and Australasia at the End of the Nineteenth Century

A map showing nineteenth century Asia and Australasia.

Flinders Explores Australia

Great Britain Begins Colonizing Tasmania

Melbourne, Australia, Is Founded

Clipper Ship Era Begins

Gold Is Discovered in New South Wales

Last Convicts Land in Western Australia

France and Spain Invade Vietnam

Przhevalsky Explores Central Asia

China’s Stele School of Calligraphy Emerges

First Opium War

Chinese Begin Immigrating to California

China’s Taiping Rebellion

Qing Dynasty Confronts the Nian Rebellion

Muslim Rebellions in China

Burlingame Treaty

Scramble for Chinese Concessions Begins

Hay Articulates “Open Door” Policy Toward China

Third Maratha War

British Abolish Suttee in India

First Afghan War

Indian Legislative Council Enacts the Ilbert Bill

Tambora Volcano Begins Violent Eruption

Great Java War

Krakatoa Volcano Erupts

Bahā’īism Takes Form

Perry Opens Japan to Western Trade

Japan’s Meiji Restoration

Japan Expands into Korea

Japan Expands into Korea

Wallace’s Expeditions Give Rise to Biogeography

French Indochina War