Chronological List Summary

  • Last updated on November 10, 2022

1914: US Ambassador’s Reaction to Austria’s Ultimatum

1914: Germany’s Appeal to the Americans

1914: US Report on German Atrocities in Belgium

1914: US Statement on the Status of Armed Merchant Vessels

1915: US “Strict Accountability” Warning to Germany

1915: War Increases Toy Soldier Sales

1915: The First Gas Attack

1915: Resolutions Adopted by the International Congress of Women

1915: The Sinking of the Lusitania

1915: Personal Letter of a Driver at the Front

1915: Report on Armenian Genocide

1916: US–Mexico Tensions

1916: The Failure of German–Americanism

1916: US Reaction to Allied Protest Regarding German Submarines

1917: The Zimmerman Telegram

1917: Wilson’s “Peace Without Victory” Address

1917: The Effects of Shell Shock

1917: War Is “A Blessing, Not a Curse”–The Case for Why We Must Fight

1917: US Ambassador’s Report of German Retreat in France

1917: Nebraska Senator Opposes US Entry into the War

1917: The British Prime Minister on America’s Entry into the War

1917: President Woodrow Wilson: “Do Your Bit For America”

1917: The German Chancellor on the Prospect of War with the United States

1917: The French Prime Minister on America’s Entry into the War

1917: A Labor Leader on Military Conscription

1917: Former President Taft on America’s Entry into the War

1917: The Espionage Act of 1917

1917: The US Press Office on Actions by US Naval Destroyers

1917: Walter Lippmann on the War and American Democracy

1917: The Use of US Railroads During Wartime

1917: A Marine Flyer in France

1917: A Survey of American War Readiness

1917–1918: The Story of a Black Infantry Unit

1918: Wilson’s Fourteen Points

1918: America First, Now and Hereafter

1918: Ernest Hemingway’s Return from the Italian Front

1918: The Unity of America

1918: The Railway Control Act

1918: Diary of an Army Private at a Base Hospital

1918: On The Paris Gun

1918: German Enemy of US Hanged by Mob

1918: Remarks by Scott Nearing at His Trial

1918: The Sedition Act of 1918

1918: The Battle of Cantigny

1918: A Marine Corporal’s War Diary

1918: The Battle of Bealleau Wood

1918: The High Road to Self-Support

1918: US Participation in the Archangel Expedition in Russia

1918: The Second Battle of the Marne

1918: Germany’s Crown Prince Wilhelm’s Assessment of US Troops

1918: Diary of a Soldier on the Front Lines in France

1918: Diary of an Artillery Soldier at the End of the War

1918: Letter from a Private in the Expeditionary Force

1918: An Army Physician on the 1918 Flu Pandemic

1918: A Soldier’s Letters Home

1918: Letters Home by a Supply Officer

1918: Armistice: The End of the War

1918: No Negroes Allowed

1918: John Dewey: “The Social Possibilities of War”

1918–1919: Diary of an Ordnance Officer Assigned to Postwar “Cleanup”

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