Daughters of the moon: the becoming

Tianna has been feeling unsettled and she can’t understand why. Tianna knows she was created by the Atrox, which means that she was born evil but, Selene kidnapped her and made he as normal as possible. She also knows her destiny is to give birth to the Atrox’s child and then destroy it, but she has a lot of time before all that happens, but is still feels worried and she has no idea why. She has a great boyfriend, good friends, and for once a good foster home but, she just can’t shake the thought that something, or someone, is after her. At a skateboarding competition she runs into Justin and Mason-now Outcasts who no longer seem to recognize her. They keep telling her that they have to help her before she “becomes,” something shes not. She has no idea what they mean, but deep down Tianna feels herself changing. Shes almost 17, and she has to make a choice, she can either become a guardian spirit or continue to live but as a mortal who has forgotten she once lived as a Daughter.