Deep NIghts Summary

  • Last updated on March 25, 2021


Title: Deep Nights

Author: Steven Sloan

Steven Sloan is a small-town policeman in Texas. He’s frequently haunted by dreams of a murdered girl he once knew. His guilt is not so much based on his own actions, but he’s bothered by the feeling that the system let the girl down.

After shaking off his latest dream of the girl, he spends the evening with his girlfriend Samantha. A soon to graduate lawyer, Samantha’s not convinced she should be involved with a small town cop. She likes him and enjoys his company but her family and friends think he’s beneath her.

After an evening with Samantha that didn’t end well, Steven heads off to work the deep night shift. The policemen working the mid-night shift in Duncan Switch are short handed due to summer vacations and without enough policemen on the streets they are quite busy. The Duncan Switch policemen stake out a convenience store watching for armed robbers; deal with serious traffic accidents, prowler calls and other routine police business.

Meanwhile Samantha is making a serious decision about whether the couple’s relationship should end or not.

During the course of the night Sloan meets two young girls, friends actually, roaming the streets of the suburban town. Later the one of the girls is kidnapped by an escaped convict. Sloan realizes he only has a short time to find the girl but his search for the girl is interrupted by other police calls.

Frustrated by the lack of effort to find the girl, Sloan eventually begins to track the missing girl but is taken hostage by the kidnapper. The situation turns desperate as the kidnapper tells Sloan he hates cops and will kill him before the night is over. The kidnapped girl gets Sloan’s backup pistol and shoots and kills the kidnapper. Backup arrives and the danger is over.

The young girl gets a second chance to have a normal life. Sloan and Samantha decide to take their relationship to the next level.

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