Get a Dog – Don’t Work Like One

Summary of Get a Dog – Don’t Work Like One
The book is about how we can all think differently about our careers, work-life balance and achievement. Many of us have been enticed into working too hard and moving away from make us happy. This book gets us to re-assess what we are doing and prioritize what is important to us and the people around us. It is full of interesting interviews with success people, stories and quotes. The idea is for us to find something that we can connect with to make a different in our mindset.
Introduction – spells out that the business world is changing dramatically and the pace is not going to suddenly slow. We therefore need to change and evolve with it to be able to achieve our goals and be happy at the same time.
What is happiness and Success Anyway – being able to step back and identify what actually makes us happy, what we are trying to achieve and the way we want to run our lives, is half the battle. This process is made more difficult because it is a continually moving process. As we get older, our priorities change and often so does the way we want to interact.
Friends, Romans, Countrymen – many of us are nervous about sharing our workplace experiences, getting others involved in our ideas and asking others for help. There are some rules about how to do this but many people will be far more positive and open that we would expect.
Make a Giant Leap – we can’t expect any luck unless we push the boat out and there are many ways of off-loading risk if we feel it is too high for us. We don’t need to stop and hope things will change, we need to find ways to keep momentum.
The Internet and Other Revolutions – technology was supposed to make everything easier but more of us are taking calls, writing emails, etc in the evening, weekends and even on holidays. This has affect our ability to switch off and think things through. We are all getting caught up in reacting not thinking.