Kitty and the Dead Manʼs Hand


Title: Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
Author: Carrie Vaughn
Publish date: March 1, 2009
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Page length: 304 pages


Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand is a novel written by Carrie Vaughn that was published on March 1, 2009. The novel is a part of the Kitty Norville series, which follows the life of a werewolf named Kitty as she navigates her way through the supernatural world.

The story revolves around an incident where Kitty is invited by a Vegas showgirl, who is also a vampire, to be on her radio talk show. The showgirl was murdered the same night that Kitty was supposed to be on her show. The murderer is suspected to be part of the Las Vegas supernatural community, and Kitty is dragged into the investigation.

The novel has several chapters, each leading the reader into a new mystery and danger. In the opening scene, Kitty Norville is getting ready to go on a Las Vegas talk radio show to talk about her life as a werewolf. The host of the show is a vampire named Anastasia, with whom Kitty has had a tumultuous past. Just as Kitty is about to go on the air, Anastasia is found dead in her dressing room, and the police suspect the killer might be a supernatural being.

Kitty becomes a part of the investigation and works alongside a detective named Cormac, who is also a hunter of supernatural beings. They both team up to find the killer and stumble upon a conspiracy within the supernatural community. The plot involves magic, politics, and the dark side of power.

Kitty’s relationships with her friends, old and new, are central to the story. Cormac, her partner in the investigation, is dealing with his guilt for his past mistakes and trying to redeem himself. In contrast, Ben, Kitty’s producer at the radio station, shows romantic interest in Kitty, but she is hesitant to pursue a relationship with him, given her unresolved feelings for Cormac.

As the investigation progresses, Kitty discovers that the killer is a powerful vampire, who is part of an organization of vampires that is conspiring to take over the Las Vegas supernatural community. The vampire, whose name is Roman, is depicted as a sociopathic killer who is willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

The climax of the novel occurs when Kitty is trapped in a warehouse and is about to be attacked by Roman. Cormac comes to her rescue, and the two of them fight Roman together. In the process, the warehouse catches fire, and Cormac sacrifices himself to save Kitty.

The novel ends with Kitty broadcasting her radio show, reflecting on the events that occurred and how it has changed her life. She mourns Cormac’s death and resolves to continue his work and fight against the powers that seek to dominate the supernatural community.

Overall, Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that is rich in character development and explores important themes such as power, corruption, and redemption. The novel is well-written and is an excellent addition to the Kitty Norville series, which has gained a large following among fans of the urban fantasy genre.