Memoirs of a Cavalier: Or, A Military Journal of the Wars in Germany, and the Wars in England, from the Year 1632 to the Year 1648 Characters

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Author: Daniel Defoe

First published: 1720

Genre: Novel

Locale: England and the Continent

Plot: Adventure

Time: 1630–1648

The Cavalier, the second son of a landed gentleman. As a student at Oxford, he realizes that he has no taste for the academic life, the law, the Church, or medicine, and he receives his father's permission to travel on the Continent. With his companion, Captain Fielding, he observes or takes part in campaigns in Germany, where he witnesses the terrible siege of Magdeburg; in Sweden, where he serves in the Swedish forces and is a special attendant to the king; and in Holland, where he observes the Dutch in their fight against the Spanish. Returning to England, he enters the service of Charles I against the Scots and serves the royalist cause in the English Civil War. With the royalist defeat, he retires, content to have served king, country, and honor to the best of his ability.

Captain Fielding, the Cavalier's friend and traveling companion.

Sir John Hepburn, the Cavalier's friend in the Swedish forces.

Gustavus Adolphus, the king of Sweden, to whom the Cavalier becomes a special attendant, serving sometimes as his emissary. The king loses his life in the battle of Lützen.

Charles I, the king of England, who is served by the Cavalier in his campaign against the Scots and in the English Civil War.

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