Mindless Eating Summary

  • Last updated on March 25, 2021


Chapter 4: The Hidden Persuaders Around Us

p. 87 "The convenience of a food determines whether we will eat it or not."

Secretaries eat more candy when the candy dish is nearby and/or in clear glass rather than opaque container. 9 extra chocolates a day amounts to 225 extra calories.


- Repackage jumbo size purchases into smaller bags.

- Hide the extras when you buy mult-packs of snacks.

- Reseal packages tightly (i.e., seal chips with tape not an easy-off clip)

- Leave serving dishes in the kitchen rather than on the table.

- Make tempting foods inconvenient to find.

- Snack only at the table and on a clean plate.

- Eat before shopping, use a list and stick to perimeter of store (more fresh foods).

Reverse all tips for healthy foods.

Chapter 5: Mindless Eating ScriptsWe follow scripts when it comes to eating. That is "automatic patterns" and "habitual behaviors" associated with situations, places, peoples and smells. Examples include snacking while watching television, finishing one's plate at dinner and sticking around until everyone is done, lingering at a nice restaurant with soft music playing.


- Try to be last person to start eating.

- At restaurants: avoid breadbaskets, split entrees

- Rescript your diet danger zones. In general, observe how you behave in different situations and design interruptions to your style. Appendix B of this book has far more detailed script adjustments.

- Interrupt your snacking by committing to snack in one room only.

- Serve yourself before you start. Commit to a portion size before beginning to eat.

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