North America in the 17th Century

A map showing the various peoples and settlements of North America in the seventeenth century.

Champlain’s Voyages

First European Settlement in North America

Jamestown Is Founded

Introduction of Tobacco Farming in North America

Smallpox Epidemics Kill Native Americans

Indentured Servitude Becomes Institutionalized in America

The Middle Passage to American Slavery

First General Assembly of Virginia

Africans Arrive in Virginia

Pilgrims Arrive in North America

Powhatan Wars

Founding of New Amsterdam

Algonquians “Sell” Manhattan Island

Great Puritan Migration

Settlement of Connecticut

Rhode Island Is Founded

Pequot War

First Printing Press in North America

Massachusetts Recognizes Slavery

Beaver Wars

Confederation of the United Colonies of New England

Maryland Act of Toleration

First College in North America

First Jewish Settlers in North America

Explorations of Radisson and Chouart des Groseilliers

Virginia Slave Codes

Settlement of the Carolinas

Charles Town Is Founded

American Indian Slave Trade

Metacom’s War Begins

Bacon’s Rebellion

“Holy Experiment” Establishes Pennsylvania

La Salle’s Expeditions

Salem Witchcraft Trials

French Found the Louisiana Colony

Hudson Explores Hudson Bay

Jesuits Begin Missionary Activities in New France

Company of New France Is Chartered

Westward Migration of Native Americans

Founding of Montreal

Hudson’s Bay Company Is Chartered