Our Village Characters

  • Last updated on December 10, 2021

First published: 1824-1832

Type of work: Short fiction

Type of plot: Local color

Time of work: Early nineteenth century

Locale: Rural England

Characters DiscussedMiss Mitford

Miss Our VillageMitford, the author, who leads a happy life in an English village and its surrounding country, sharing her great happiness with her readers. She has a true appreciation of nature and of people, and she describes what she sees about her–the village and the countryside–lovingly. Her tales and sketches show the passing seasons in a year.


Lizzy, a young girl in the village. She is a sweet, lovable child of three who in turn loves everyone, winning the affection of all who know her. She manages the people around her, both adults and children. She is a frequent companion of the author as Miss Mitford takes walks through the village and the fields.

Jack Rapley

Jack Rapley, Miss Mitford’s favorite boy in the village. He is quite mischievous, and some of the villagers predict he will come to a bad end.


Master and

Dame Weston

Dame Weston, a couple who fight frequently with each other. Although the wife blames her husband for their quarrels, she really is to blame.

Hannah Bint

Hannah Bint, a twelve-year-old girl who sets herself up as a dairywoman.


Mayflower, Miss Mitford’s pompous, dignified greyhound, who is the author’s constant companion.


Dash, a mongrel dog rescued by Mayflower. He dies because Miss Mitford feeds him well; he is unused to a sufficient diet.

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