Purple Cow Summary

  • Last updated on March 25, 2021

Following the traditional rules of marketing just isn’t enough anymore.

In today’s competitive economy, companies that want to create a successful

new product must create a remarkable new product.

According to bestselling author and marketing guru Seth Godin, such a

product is a Purple Cow, a product or service that is worth making a

remark about.

The impact of advertising in newspapers and magazines is fading —

people are overwhelmed with information and have stopped paying attention

to most media messages. To create Purple Cow products, Godin advises

companies to stop advertising and start innovating.

Godin recommends that marketers target a niche, and he describes

(through an assortment of case studies) effective ways to spread your idea

to the consumers who are most likely to buy your product.

Godin claims there isn’t a shortage of remarkable ideas — every business

has opportunities to do great things — there’s a shortage of the will to

execute those ideas.

Not Enough Ps

For many years, marketers have used the five (or

more) Ps as guidelines for selling their product and

achieving their company’s goals. Some of the Ps


● Product ● Pricing

● Promotion ● Positioning

● Publicity ● Packaging

● Permission ● Pass-along

According to the popular theory, if these elements

aren’t all in place, the marketing message is unclear and


Making the right marketing moves does not guarantee

success, but the prevailing wisdom used to be that if

your Ps were right, you had a better chance of succeeding

in the marketplace.

But at a certain point in the evolution of marketing, it

became clear that following the Ps just isn’t enough.

This book tells about a new P — Purple Cow — that is

extremely important to marketers in today’s fast-paced,

highly competitive business environment. Purple Cow

refers to a product or service that is different from the

rest and somehow remarkable. Purple Cow tells about

the why, the what, and the how of remarkable.


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