The Band that Played On Summary

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nameThe Band that Played On
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authorSteve Turner
countryUnited States
languageEnglish languageEnglish
publisherThomas Nelson
release_dateMarch 2011
media_typePrint (hardcover), Kindle
isbnISBN 9781595552198
The Band That Played On is a nonfiction history book by Steve Turner, published by Thomas Nelson publishers. The book details the lives of the eight musicians that famously went down with the Titanic. Turner, a British journalist, biographer and poet, has also written The Gospel According to the Beatles, The Man Called CASH and An Illustrated History of Gospel.

Turner delves into the lives of these eight men, gathering all available information about where each grew up, their family and professional lives, what they were doing prior to their engagement as musicians aboard the Titanic, and how they came to be on the ill-fated ship.

Turner follows the band members through the hours of the fateful night when the Titanic hit the iceberg that would send it to the ocean floor and shows their heroism when they decided to give their lives by playing music to keep people from panicking as they were being evacuated from the ship.

After the disaster, Turner details some of the legal squabbles that arose over the band members, and paints a picture of the international grief that the members of the band came to symbolize.

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