The Reason

“infobox Book”
name The Reason
orig title
author William Sirls
country United States
language EnglishEnglish
classification Fiction
genre Christian Fiction
publisher Thomas Nelson
release_date September 2012
media_type Print (hardcover, paperback)
pages 416
isbn ISBN-10: 1401687369 ISBN-13: 978-1401687366

The Reason is a novel by William Sirls, a first time author who originally planned to self-publish his book through WestBow Press, the self-publishing arm of Thomas Nelson Publishers. An editor at Thomas Nelson saw the manuscript and offered Sirls a book contract.
Sirls decided to write the book after he ended up in federal prison for money laundering, where he reassessed his priorities in life.


The Reason opens with a scene in which the cross in the front yard of a church is struck by lightning and nearly destroyed. That strange occurrence kicks off a series of unusual circumstances in the lives of the church’s pastor, his family and friends, and a growing circle of intersecting characters who live in a small Michigan town.
Published by Thomas Nelson, the world’s largest Christian publisher, the book addresses the question of why God seems to answer some prayers but not others, and how to trust God in seemingly impossible circumstances. Its key theme is that “things happen for a reason,” and that miracles come to those who “only believe,” a phrase that is repeated numerous times in the book. Themes of healing, miracles and purpose run throughout the book. Kenneth, a Christ-figure in the story, miraculously repairs the lightning-damaged cross. He seems to know the people he has just met, and heals a number of people in the story. He encourages other characters to “only believe” in order to have their prayers answered.


The book includes a large number of characters:
Brooke Thomas, a single mother who rents a room from the church’s pastor with her son;
Alex, her son, a seven year old boy who eventually faces a cancer diagnosis;
Jim Lindy, the blind pastor of the church;
Shirley, his wife;
Charlie, their grown son who is mentally disabled and mute;
Carla Miller, Brooke’s long-time friend who struggles with alcoholism and a painful past;
Dr. Macey Lewis, a young doctor at the town’s hospital, specializing in pediatric oncology;
Dr. Zach Norman, a doctor chasing wealth and trying to forget his past;
Kaitlyn Harby, a nurse, good friend of Macey, and ex-girlfriend of Zach;
Kenneth, a construction worker who shows up in town driving a pick-up truck, who seems to leave a trail of miracles in his wake.

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