The Shining Summary

  • Last updated on March 25, 2021
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nameThe Shining
authorStephen King
countryUnited States
languageEnglish languageEnglish
genreHorror, Fiction

The Shining is a horror fiction novel by Stephen King. A movie based on this novel was released in 1980.

Jack Torrance has an alcohol problem, but has been teetotal since a drunk-driving scare. He also has an anger problem, which he is less able to control. He broke the arm of his three-year-old son Danny in a fit of temper, and he lost his previous job as a teacher at a Vermont prep school when he became violent towards a student. Jack is now taking on a new job as winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel, high up in the Colorado Rockies. Danny is now five years old, and a psychic clairvoyant. On the day they arrive at the Overlook, Danny briefly meets the hotel chef Dick Hallorann, another psychic clairvoyant who calls their gift ‘shining’.

Their stay at the Overlook begins well, with Jack making great strides writing his play, and his wife Wendy feeling happier than at any time since their wedding. But the hotel has a long history of collecting ghosts, and when Danny becomes aware of them through his psychic talents, they decide he'd be a valuable addition to their ranks. They manipulate Jack into sabotaging the radio and snowmobile to eliminate any escape from the snowbound hotel, and then engage him to kill his wife. Danny is terrified by the ghosts but resists their efforts to seize control of his mind, and sends out a telepathic plea to Hallorann to come to the rescue. Wendy and Danny manage to survive Jack’s onslaught until Hallorann arrives and carries them out of the hotel just before the boiler explodes, which Jack has neglected amid his madness. The hotel then burns to the ground, with Jack inside it.

Shining, The

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