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Authors: Auguste Maquet and Alexandre Dumas, père

First published: Vingt ans apres, 1845 (English translation, 1846)

Genre: Novel

Locale: France and England

Plot: Historical

Time: Mid-seventeenth century

D'Artagnan (dahr-tahn-YAHN), the clever and resourceful hero, a lieutenant in the Musketeers. He succeeds in almost all of his pseudohistorical adventures, even against Cardinal Mazarin's final treachery.

Porthos (pohr-TOHS), one of the original Three Musketeers. He joins D'Artagnan in serving Cardinal Mazarin and the king. He is noted for his great strength.

Athos (ah-TOHS) and Aramis (ah-rah-MEES), the remaining two of the original Three Musketeers. In this novel, Athos and Aramis are allied with the Fronde, against their former comrades, but they end by sharing their English adventures with D'Artagnan and Porthos. Athos is the saintly member of the group, and the dandy Aramis is living in luxury despite his monastic vows as the novel begins.

Cardinal Mazarin (mah-zah-RAN), the French minister of state. He engages D'Artagnan to protect him and the king against the Fronde, political opponents endeavoring to overthrow the king.

Mordaunt (mohr-DOHN), a monk, the son of Milady. He is Cromwell's agent. He is the musketeers' sworn enemy and ultimately is defeated by Athos.

King Louis XIV (lwee), of France, now ten years old.

Queen Anne, the mother and protector of Louis. She is under Mazarin's control.

King Charles I, of England, whom the four musketeers almost save from execution. In aiding Charles, D'Artagnan offends Mazarin.

Lord de Winter, an Englishman in the service of King Charles.

The duke de Beaufort (deh boh-FOHR), Cardinal Mazarin's escaped political prisoner, in whose pursuit D'Artagnan and Porthos encounter Aramis and Athos.

Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan leader, to whom Cardinal Mazarin sends D'Artagnan and Porthos as messengers. The cruelty of the Puritans leads D'Artagnan to help Charles.

Henrietta Maria, King Charles's wife, now in France.

Raoul (rah-EWL), the adopted son of Athos, in reality his illegitimate son.

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