World War II 1939–1945 Summary

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World War II: 1939–1945

World War II

Weapons, Tactics, and Strategies

The Naval War

The Air War

U.S. Supreme Court During the War

Women in the War

Censorship During the War

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

August, 1939: Mobilization for Possible War

September, 1939-May, 1945: Battle of the North Atlantic

March, 1941: Lend-Lease Act

December, 1941: Battle of Pearl Harbor

December, 1941: Axis Declaration of War on the United States

December, 1941-April, 1942: Battle of Bataan

February, 1942: Japanese American Internment

May, 1942: Battle of the Coral Sea

June, 1942: Battle of Midway

June, 1942: Manhattan Project

August, 1942-February, 1943: Battle of Guadalcanal

November, 1942: North Africa Invasion

July-September, 1943: Italy Invasion

September-October, 1943: Battle of Salerno

November, 1943: Battle of Tarawa

June, 1944: Operation Overlord

June-July, 1944: Battle for Saipan

June, 1944: Superfortress Bombing of Japan

July-August, 1944: Battle of Guam

July-August, 1944: Battle of Tinian

October, 1944: Battle for Leyte Gulf

December, 1944: Battle of the Bulge

February, 1945: Yalta Conference

February-March, 1945: Battle for Iwo Jima

April-July, 1945: Battle of Okinawa

May, 1945: V-E Day

July-August, 1945: Potsdam Conference

August, 1945: Atomic Bombing of Japan

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Korean War: 1950–1953

Korean War

The Air War

Censorship During the War

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

July-September, 1950: Battle of the Pusan Perimeter

September, 1950: Inchon Landing

October, 1950-April, 1951: Truman-MacArthur Confrontation

April, 1951: Battle of Imjin River

March-July, 1953: Battle of Pork Chop Hill

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Vietnam War: 1960’s-1975

Vietnam War

Weapons, Tactics, and Strategies

The Peace Movement

Justice During the War

U.S. Supreme Court During the War

Women in the War

Ethics of the War

Censorship During the War

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

August, 1964: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

November, 1965: Battle of Ia Drang Valley

January-April, 1968: Siege of Khe Sanh

January-February, 1968: Tet Offensive

January-February, 1968: Battle of Hue

March, 1968: My Lai Massacre

April-June, 1970: Cambodia Invasion

March, 1973: U.S. Withdrawal from Vietnam

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Conflicts in the Caribbean: 1961–1989

Conflicts in the Caribbean

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

1961: Bay of Pigs Invasion

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis

1965: Dominican Republic Occupation

1983: Grenada Occupation

1983: Censorship During the Grenada Occupation

1989: Panama Occupation

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Post-Cold War Conflicts: 1991–2005

Post-Cold War Conflicts

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

1991: Gulf War

1991: Censorship During the Gulf War

1991: Air War in the Gulf

1991: Women in the Gulf War

1992: “No Fly” Zone in Iraq

1992: Somalia Occupation

1994: U.S. Troops in Bosnia

1995: NATO Troops in Bosnia

1998: Missile Attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan

1998: Bombing of Military Sites in Iraq

2000: Terrorist Attack on the USS Cole

2001: Terrorist Attacks on the United States

2001: Invasion of Afghanistan

2001: War on Terrorism

2003: Iraq War

2003: Postwar Occupation of Iraq

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