Youma: The Story of a West-Indian Slave Characters

  • Last updated on December 10, 2021

Author: Lafcadio Hearn

First published: 1890

Genre: Novel

Locale: Martinique

Plot: Psychological realism

Time: The 1840's

Youma (yew-MAH), a slave in Martinique. She is a personification of loyalty. When her childhood playmate, her mistress' daughter, asks Youma to take care of her child, Youma grants the dying woman's request. Although she finds the child irksome at times, she steadfastly cares for the little girl, even giving up marriage to fulfill her promise. At last, in a slave riot in 1848, she refuses to save her own life when her fellow slaves will not let her save the life of the child by taking it out of a burning building.

Aimée Desrivières (ay-MAY day-reev-YEHR), a white girl reared with Youma. The two love each other almost as sisters. Aimée, as she lies dying, asks Youma to become her little daughter's nurse, and the slave agrees to do what she can for the child.

Marie Desrivières, nicknamed Mayotte. She is the little child placed in Youma's care.

Gabriel (gah-BRYEHL), a field hand and slave. He loves Youma and wants to marry her. When Youma's owner refuses to permit the marriage, he offers to elope with Youma and seek freedom, but Youma refuses to abandon her care of little Mayotte.

Madame Peyronette (pay-roh-NEHT), Mme Desrivières' mother and Youma's owner. Although she intends to free Youma when the slave marries, she will not let Youma marry a field hand such as Gabriel.

Monsieur Desrivières, the husband of Aimée Desrivières. He is Gabriel's owner. At his wife's death, he is happy to see Youma take over the care of his child, for he is grief-stricken.

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