Yvain: Or, The Knight with the Lion Characters

  • Last updated on December 10, 2021

Author: Chrétien de Troyes

Genre: Play

Locale: Britain

Plot: Arthurian romance

Time: Sixth century

Yvain (ee-VAHN), a knight of the Round Table. After hearing of Calogrenant's misadventure at the magic spring, Yvain avenges him and kills the Knight at the spring. Yvain marries the Knight's widow, Laudine de Landuc, and lives happily until lured away by promised adventures. When he fails to return, Laudine renounces him, and grief drives Yvain mad. After his wits are restored, he is ashamed to admit his identity. Accompanied by a lion he has befriended, he becomes known as the Knight with the Lion. After countless adventures, Yvain finally is reconciled with his lady.

Laudine de Landuc (loh-DEEN deh lahn-DEWK), Yvain's wife. Made a widow by Yvain, she marries him after he has begged her forgiveness. When he fails to return from his adventures as promised, she renounces him; she accepts him back only after Lunete intercedes for him.

Lunete (lew-NEHT), a damsel serving Laudine. Lunete befriends Yvain and brings about his marriage to Laudine. She is sentenced to die when Yvain does not return; however, as the Knight with the Lion, Yvain rescues her. Thus reinstated, she is able to reconcile the estranged pair.

Sir Gawain (ga-WAN), Yvain's friend and King Arthur's nephew.

King Arthur, of the Round Table.

Guinevere, his queen.

Sir Kay, the cynical seneschal, humbled by Yvain.

Harpin of the Mountain (ahr-PAN), a giant slain by Yvain.

Calogrenant (kah-loh-greh-NAHN), Yvain's cousin, whose tale of the Knight of the Magic Spring begins Yvain's adventures.

Lady Noroison (noh-rwah-ZOHN), who is championed by Yvain.

Count Alier (ahl-YAY), the knight who is plundering Lady Noroison's lands. He is defeated by Yvain.

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