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A thirteen-volume annotated citator of principles from Supreme Court decisions.

Originally printed in thirteen volumes in 1899, Rose’s Notes on United States Reports is an annotated citator that is waning in use. The notes were produced by Walter Malins Rose, a young California lawyer. Rose chronologically arranged the legal principles he found in all Supreme Court decisions from the first decision published in Alexander J. Dallas’s volume 2 to those published in United States Reports volume 172. To the legal principles found in each Court case, Rose attached citations to all later cases citing that particular principle. The cross-referenced list included cases from the Supreme Court, intermediate and lower federal courts, and the courts of last resort in all the states. These later decisions were analyzed in order to highlight the points of law to which they referred and to illustrate how the cited principle was used. Rose’s Notes provided depth of analysis and discussion; other citators merely provided listings of citings. The notes were revised and updated by Charles L. Thompson, who published an expanded edition (1917-1920) and supplemented it twice (1925 and 1932), extending coverage of the citing cases through United States Reports volume 283.

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