• Last updated on November 11, 2022

Most widely used weekly publication covering the activities of the Supreme Court and most current print source for the text of its decisions.

Published by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), a leading provider of loose-leaf legal services, United States Law Week is designed to keep lawyers aware of current developments in the federal courts, especially the Supreme Court. Each weekly issue contains four sections. The first and second sections discuss and summarize top legal developments from the state and lower federal courts (with an editorial emphasis on cases that may later appear before the Supreme Court). The third section reports the Supreme Court’s business in detail, with lengthy summaries of each case on the Court’s appellate docket, cases denied certiorari, and orders and oral arguments before the Court.

The fourth section prints the full text of decisions of the Court. These are published and mailed out on the day they are delivered, not with the regular weekly issue. Before the creation of on-line electronic databases, United States Law Week was the first source where attorneys found the printed decisions of the Court. Because of this, the United States Law Week is designated by the Uniform System of Citation as the official citing source for Supreme Court cases not yet published in the United States Reports or the Supreme Court Reporter. The weekly publication later became available on-line.

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