Africa Summary

  • Last updated on November 11, 2022

A map showing the continent of Africa between 1000-1500.





Rise and Fall of Ghana

Rise of the Toutswe Kingdom

First Hausa State Established

Expansion of Sunni Islam in North Africa and Iberia

Great Zimbabwe Urbanism and Architecture

Songhai Kingdom Converts to Islam

Zīrids Break from Fāṭimid Dynasty and Revive Sunni Islam

Almoravids Conquer Morocco and Establish the Almoravid Empire

Hummay Founds Sefuwa Dynasty

Emergence of Mapungubwe

Almoravids Sack Kumbi

Founding of Timbuktu

Origins of Swahili in Its Written Form

Trading Center of Kilwa Kisiwani Founded

Lalibela Founds the Christian Capital of Ethiopia

Ndiadiane N’diaye Founds the Wolof Empire

Mai Dunama Dibbalemi Expands Kanem Empire

Reign of Sundiata of Mali

Yekuno Amlak Founds the Solomonid Dynasty

Mansa Mūsā’s Pilgrimage to Mecca Sparks Interest in Mali Empire

Travels of Ibn Baṭṭūṭah

Kilwa Kisiwani Begins Economic and Historical Decline

Al-ՙUmarī Writes a History of Africa

ՙAlā՚-ud-Dīn Bahman Shāh Founds the Bahmanī Sultanate

Foundation of the West African States of Benin

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