Crooked River Summary

  • Last updated on March 25, 2021

Crooked River is an amazing story about a young girl, Rebecca Carver, and the rest of her family. An indian (Indian John or Amik) is accused of killing a white man and stealing his traps. Pa (Rebecca's father) is holding the indian captive in the attic, chains 'n all, until the trial. Young Rebecca grew up to hate the indians and to never trust one but there is something special about this one that leads her to believe that there no evil or devil in this indian's soul. When the trial comes the witnesses lie by setting up the crime scene and lieing about what they saw or heard. Rebecca wants to object but she knows that she may as well be hanged as well with Amik if she defends him in the least bit way. Amik is found guilty and sentenced to hanging the very next morning. The next morning it is raining outside and they were about to call off the hanging which gave Rebecca more hope that Amik would live. They decided to proceed. Amik is hanged and everyone must moarn because they consider it a sin if they do not. While everyone closes their eyes and bow their heads, Amik is hanged. Luckily, the rope breaks and Amik quietly sneaks off, because of the moarning, no one sees him. When the people lift their heads they are amazinly suprised to see that the indian is gone and that the rope had snapped. Amik got away to see his wife and children again.


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