Curator Summary

  • Last updated on November 11, 2022

Position officially created in 1974 by the chief justice to chronicle and maintain the history and memorabilia of the Supreme Court.

The office has accrued a vast collection of important films, manuscripts, photographs, prints, videos, and other memorabilia associated with the Court and its justices. Other pieces included in the collection are antique furnishings and artwork. The staff maintains records on hoards of research topics related to the Court and answers numerous informational requests from the justices, the public, and scholars. The office also assists with documentaries and publications.Curator

The curatorial staff presents hourly lectures in the courtroom for the more than 700,000 annual visitors. Congressional and private tours are also offered for interested parties. Twice a year the curator’s office displays pieces from its collection in an exhibit held in the lower Great Hall. The exhibit also features a film that examines the history and role of the Court.

The first curator was Catherine Hetos SkefosSkefos, Catherine Hetos, who held that position from 1973 to 1976, beginning service before the office was officially established.

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