Divine Misdemeanors

Title: Divine Misdemeanors
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Publish Date: December 8, 2009
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Page Length: 368 pages

Divine Misdemeanors is a captivating novel in the urban fantasy genre that explores the world of Faerie. It is written by Laurell K. Hamilton and was published on December 8, 2009. The novel is the eighth installment in the Merry Gentry series and follows the triumphs and tribulations of Merry Gentry, a princess of the Unseelie Court, as she tries to maintain her throne in Los Angeles while dealing with the complexities of her personal life.

The story commences with Merry Gentry’s life in Los Angeles as a warrior princess of the Unseelie Court and mother to two toddlers. Though she is proud of her two children, Taranis, the King of Light and Illusion and her husband, Rhys, she still longs for more children. She is constantly struggling to hold onto her power in the faerie world as new contenders emerge. She has been able to maintain her status as the only princess of the Unseelie Court in over 400 years despite the challenges.

One day, Merry is summoned by her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, Dahlia. Dahlia wants Merry to hold a press conference at her manor where she would present Sholto, a rejected half-brother of Gentry who was turned into a hunting hound. Merry agrees, but soon realizes that there is an ulterior motive for the invitation. Dahlia’s personal bodyguard, Doyle, is gravely ill, and Dahlia hopes that by having Merry host the event at her home, she will be able to catch the eye of some of the sidhe lords who are flirtatious with Merry and get them to kiss Doyle, in the hopes of saving his life.

Merry’s relationship with the sidhe lords is complex and multifaceted. They all want a slice of her power and her bed, and Merry is not immune to their charms. At the press conference, several sidhe lords come to compete for her attention, including Frost, Galen, Nicca, and Kitto as they observe the event.

Meanwhile, Felina, a demifae princess, is murdered, and the Unseelie Court is convinced that the perpetrator is within their ranks. The royals of the Unseelie Court are constantly on edge as the murderer is still at large, and they are worried about their security. Their suspicions eventually fall on Taranis, Merry’s own son, and king of the Seelie Court and the only known suspect after gathering sufficient evidence.

Despite the investigations, Merry continues to organize an Intense Training session for herself and other of her knights under her leadership. Merry believes that the essential characteristic of a leader is his or her ability to defend themselves and those they lead. She is determined to strengthen her army and her powers while protecting her children and those she loves.

As the novel progresses, Merry’s love life takes a turn. Merry is finding it challenging to choose a lover from her suitors and satisfy everyone’s expectations. However, her heart has already made a decision. She wants to be intimate with Frost, her trusted friend, the Sidhe of White Frost, and the strongest fighter she knows. Though Frost is known not to share in Merry’s bed as he values their friendship, he is willing to change his stance. This change in their friendship and romantic development is an essential theme that runs through the book.

In conclusion, Divine Misdemeanors brings to light the personal life struggles of Merry Gentry and how she tries to strike a balance between her responsibilities and her personal life. Merry’s capabilities as a leader are echoed throughout the book. She is a strong and determined warrior princess, devoted to her people and children. The novel is an exciting blend of fantasy, romance, and action. Laurell K. Hamilton effectively blends elements of the Sidhe court, fey magic, and personal struggles to make a story that keeps the reader invested. Divine Misdemeanours holds delightful twists and turns throughout the book and leaves you with a cliff-hanger that leaves you yearning for more.