El Hombre Mas Rico de Babilonia

The Seven Ways of Filling Your Bag
1. Start filling your bag
From every 10 coins you earn, spend only nine of them. You will see how your bag starts filling quickly.
You will see that you can arreange anyway with this income and you will be earning money quickly.
2. Control your expenses
What we call obligatory expenses grow in proportion of our income, if we don´t do something to avoid this. Don´t confuse your desire with your needs.
3. Make your gold fructify
Make your gold work for you, then its sons and the sons of this sons.
Investing your gold: Loans, oportunities. Gold multiplies fast.
4. Protect your gold from any lost
If you have got gold, you will be tempted to invest in any atracctive proyect.
Asure your capital. Its not true romantics make a fast fortune. Ask the wise people about what they know.
5. Make your property a rental investment
If you can eat grapes from your vineyard and have a nice house its inspires you to finish your duties.
6. Asure future incomes
Foresee some incomes for your old age and your family. For this porpuse you can buy lands and houses.
7. Increase your hability to adquire goods
More knowledge we have, more money we earn.
The Five Laws of Gold
1.Gold comes easy and in greater cuantites to the man who safes the tenth part of his income for his future and family.
2.Gold works with speed and diligence for the wise owner that finds for it a productive use.
3.Gold mantains itself under the protection of prudent persons who invests with the counsils of wise people.
4.Gold scapes from people who invest without a pourpose in places that are not familiar.
5.Gold runs away from people who force gold to imposible profits and follows the seductive counsils of impostors.