Fire Your Boss

++Fire Your Boss++

Author : Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine
Publisher : Harper Collins, 2004
ISBN : ISBN 0-06-058393-2

In a nutshell

Learn how to look for new employment, choose among numerous job offers, and thrive in the new economy. You will find out why it is not beneficial to keep relying on your boss for financial security and job satisfaction. You must rely on yourself !The Job of Your Dreams .Believe it or not, you can take charge of your career. You don’t have to keep worrying that your job security depends on the whims or moods of your current boss. The job of your dreams is within your reach. In fact, you can even transform your current job into that dream job.

Seven Steps to Gain Control of Your Work Life :Fire Your Boss… and Hire Yourself. Kill Your Career… and Get a Job There’s No I in Job .Go Fish No One Hires a Stranger. It’s the Money That Counts. Hello, I Must be Going.

Fire Your Boss… and Hire Yourself >The first thing you must do to get the job of your dreams is to fire your boss and hire yourself. To do this, you must not allow your boss control what happens in your career. You must take charge of your work life. Firing your boss is a mental exercise. You should not walk into your boss’ office tomorrow and demand a resignation. Even if you have fired your boss and hired yourself as a manager, you must appear as loyal and as dedicated as ever. This time, you’ll be determining your own value. You will be setting your own goals. You will be in charge of selecting the skills you wish to attain. You will also have your own personal work plan. To start doing this, you must undergo a process of self-examination.

Write your own job description > Write a brief description of your job. However, do not align yourself with a certain company, profession or specialization. Reflect on what you do each day and each week. Give yourself a performance review. Find out what other people with the same job description earn. Also find out the skills that are valued in this certain field. Define alternate courses. After you have done the two steps above, you will realize that there are alternate courses available to you. Brainstorm about all the other fields and occupations that would suit the job description that you created. Put your plan into writing. Develop your own plan for your work life. Remember that your future plans should not hinder the alternate courses you have defined. Note down the new skills you need to acquire.

Kill Your Career… and Get a Job >Most people don’t see their jobs as emotionally satisfying. In fact, most people work because they need to put food on the table. Killing your career does not mean quitting. Rather, it means that you should stop looking for emotional satisfaction in your job. Instead, look for a job that provides a large and secure income. Reserve the search for emotional satisfaction to your personal life. You should stop thinking of your work as a career. It is far healthier to view it as a job. Ask “Why Do I Work?” Usually, there are eight reasons why people work: power. / respect. / security. / travel. /serve. / meet people. / express yourself. / money. You must learn to derive satisfaction outside work,and basically expect only Money from your WORK. You must earn respect off the job, find security away from work, and travel for pleasure (and not for business). If you are working to meet people, remember that there are far better places that are more suitable for making friends.

There’s No I in Job > You must realize that you have been lied to. In the past, you have been told that to succeed in your career, you must show up on time and work as hard as you can. You were also promised that you would be rewarded if you show up early, work all day, and stay late at night. Even if you have been a model employee, your job is not secure. You must realize that people act in their own self-interest and not in the company’s interest. Instead, to succeed in your career, you must stop focusing on your own success and start worrying about your boss’ success instead.
The best thing you can do is to help your boss meet his goals. This is the best path towards job security. If you make your boss look good to others, you will look good to your boss. Six Personality Types of Bosses and What They Want
The buddy. He wants to be one of the guys. Have lunch with your boss everytime he asks and ask him sometimes as well. Include him in your group activities.
The loner. He wants to do his job and not be bothered with anything else. Help your boss stay away from other people. Offer to attend weekly meetings on his behalf. Volunteer to teach the new hire.
The stickler. He follows the rules and wants everyone to do the same. Follow the rules. Show up on time and dress the same way he does. Do things by the book even if you think it might hamper productivity.
The glory seeker. He needs to be the hero. Make sure that all of your triumphant efforts are reflected on your boss. Always ask him for advice. Compliment him on both actions and appearance.
The fighter. A boss who needs conflict. Do not allow yourself to be a target. Offer scapegoats and divert his attention to other potential targets.
The coward. He is always afraid. You must help your boss by eliminating anything that may cause fear. Offer to take the blame for something that has gone wrong.
Go Fish >Today, you can get laid off even if you are doing a good job. To make matters worse, the job market has been so tumultuous that getting a good job is now harder than ever.
You must turn job hunting into a proactive and ongoing part of your life at work. After all, nowadays, employees are hired to get fired or replaced. You must learn to cultivate as many offers of employment possible. This will allow you to choose the job that is best for you. You must stop hunting for one specific job. Instead, fish for as many jobs as possible and look at everything that bites. Then decide which jobs you can take, and which ones you can throw back. How to Act During Job Interviews Make sure that you are dressed neatly and that you are well-groomed. Do not wear too much perfume or jewelry. Arrive on time. Smile. Shake hands firmly. Make eye contact. Do not sit until you are invited to. Do not slouch, cross your arms or legs or touch your face.
No One Hires a Stranger >Networking is not as effective as it used to be. Nowadays, business executives are aware when they are approached by individuals who are using networking as a disguise for a job hunt. Instead of relying on networking, you must learn to turn to your personal life when seeking job opportunities. Become active in your church or pursue a new hobby. Go to social activities whenever you can. Of course, you can not rely on personal contacts alone when you are on a job hunt. Take advantage of old-fashioned methods such as answering help wanted ads and visiting employment agencies….Appearance Counts .Always make sure that you are wearing something clean and appropriate. Furthermore, be conscious of your manners when you are meeting with people. The best way to make friends is to smile and to look people in the eyes. Engaging with Strangers .Here are some tips you can use when talking with people you have just met:Ask questions. Listen closely and don’t interrupt. Don’t argue or disagree. Avoid frowning. If you can’t draw the other person into talking about himself, talk about something you share. When asked to share about yourself, do not take too long. Make sure you do not one-up the other person.

It’s the Money That Counts >Companies nowadays are trying to lure employees into their folds by offering non-monetary benefits. These perks include health club memberships, company-owned cafeterias, and even concierge services. You must not forget, however, that your main reason for getting a job must be to increase your stream of income. Rewards that do not affect you financially are useless. You need to get a job that pays the most money possible. When choosing between job offers, you must take into consideration and Isolate the Factors That Are No Longer Important : Amenities /Auto (car) /Challenging /Culture /Disability insurance /Environment /Expense allowance Health insurance /Income /Life insurance /Opportunity for advancement /Opportunity for learning /Paid time off /Proximity /Retirement plan //Stability /Status /Title /Tuition reimbursement /Unpaid time off

Now that you know that your departure is inevitable, you must plan for it. Think of the reasons why you would want to leave your current job. Think of negative developments that can force you to leave. Think of other jobs and the positive attributes they might have that can cause you to jump ship. Leave Before You Are Pushed Out >Your job is not secure. Remember that if you leave your current company out of your own accord, you will receive better offers. The Life of Your Dreams >Remember, you can turn your work life around. By firing your boss and hiring yourself as manager, you cease to depend on other people for job satisfaction. You can increase your income, spend less time at work, and have more time for your family. By finding the job of your dreams, you can have the life of your dreams.