Fools of Fortune Summary

  • Last updated on July 21, 2023
Title: Fools of Fortune by William Trevor

Publication Date: 1983

Genre: Fiction

Author: William Trevor

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- Author: William Trevor
- Title: Fools of Fortune
- Publish Date: 1983
- Genre: Fiction
- Page Length: Not available

Fools of Fortune, written by William Trevor in 1983, is a thought-provoking work of fiction that explores the themes of love, loss, family, and the inescapable consequences of violence. Set in Ireland during the early 1900s and spanning several generations, the novel weaves together a complex tapestry of interconnected lives affected by political conflict and personal tragedy.

Chapter 1: The Quintons
The story begins with the Quinton family, headed by Anglo-Irish Myles Quinton and his wife, Ariana. Their tranquil life at Kilneagh, a grand estate, is disrupted by the arrival of the Black and Tans, brutal British forces sent to suppress the Irish Rebellion. In the midst of the chaos, Myles is killed, causing Ariana to harbor a deep hatred towards the British and their sympathizers. Her son, Willie, is also affected deeply by this tragedy and grows up with a determination to avenge his father's death.

Chapter 2: The O'Haras
The narrative then shifts to the O'Hara family, who are tenant farmers on the Quinton estate. Matthew O'Hara, a dedicated nationalist, becomes involved in the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and is subsequently imprisoned. During his time in prison, Matthew's wife, Judith, must face the difficult task of raising their three children alone. The oppressive presence of the Black and Tans brings further turmoil into their lives.

Chapter 3: The Quintons Redux
Willie Quinton, now a young man, joins the IRA and carries out a series of escalating acts of violence against those he perceives as enemies, including the O'Hara family. Blinded by his thirst for revenge, he orchestrates a tragic event that kills Matthew O'Hara and leaves Judith permanently scarred. The consequences of Willie's actions reverberate through the generations, dictating the fates of both the Quinton and O'Hara families.

Chapter 4: The Heir
Years later, an unexpected twist occurs when Willie's son, Willie Jr., falls in love with Judith's granddaughter, Marianne. Despite their shared painful history, the young couple embarks on a forbidden romance. As their love story unfolds, tensions between the Quintons and the O'Haras resurface and threaten to perpetuate the cycle of violence and tragedy.

Chapter 5: Redemption
The novel concludes with a glimmer of hope as the older generation, burdened by the mistakes of their past, begins to question the destructive legacy they have created. Recognition of the futility of vengeance finally dawns on Willie Quinton Jr. and Marianne O'Hara, providing an opportunity for redemption and a chance to break free from the bleak cycle that has haunted their families for years.

Fools of Fortune explores several recurring themes throughout its narrative. A primary theme is the destructive power of violence and hatred, as reflected in the characters' relentless pursuit of revenge. The novel also highlights the consequences of political conflict and how it permeates both personal and familial relationships. Trevor delves into the complexities of love, examining how it can transcend hatred and heal deep wounds. Additionally, the story addresses themes of loss, loyalty, and the heavy burden carried by subsequent generations when history repeats itself.


Fools of Fortune serves as a poignant reminder of the long-lasting repercussions of violence and the cyclic nature of conflict. By examining the harmful consequences of revenge, the novel encourages readers to reflect on the need for forgiveness and the potentially transformative power of empathy and understanding. Moreover, Trevor's narrative illustrates the deeply intertwined nature of personal and political turmoil, offering a nuanced portrayal of the human condition in times of strife. The novel's exploration of these universal themes makes it a significant and thought-provoking work for readers of all backgrounds.

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