Froth on the Daydream Summary

  • Last updated on July 4, 2023
Title: Froth on the Daydream (L'Écume des jours)
Author: Boris Vian
Publication Date: 1947
Genre: Absurdist Fiction
Page Length: 198 pages (may vary depending on the edition)

Froth on the Daydream, written by Boris Vian and published in 1947, is an absurdist fiction that unfolds in a surreal Parisian setting. This tragicomic novel, set in an indeterminate time period, explores themes of love, life's transience, materialism, and the human condition.

The story revolves around the lives of four main characters: Colin, a wealthy young man; Chloe, a charming woman whom Colin falls in love with; Chick, Colin's best friend and an ardent follower of philosopher Jean-Sol Partre; and Alise, Chloe's devoted confidante.

The novel is divided into several parts, each marked by a series of chapters. In Part One, "The Mirror and the Tube," Colin, residing in his luxurious apartment, discovers a cocktail recipe book written by Nicholas, his personal chef and close friend. Inspired, Colin throws a party to showcase his newfound mixology skills. It is at this gathering that Colin meets Chloe, who instantly captivates him with her beauty and carefree personality. They quickly fall in love.

In Part Two, "The Rope and the Pendulum," Colin and Chloe marry, but their blissful life soon takes a somber turn. Chloe falls ill with a mysterious ailment called a "water lily." Her health progressively deteriorates as she is gradually robbed of her vitality. Desperate to save his wife, Colin exhausts his fortune on unconventional remedies, including hiring a private music performance to heal her. However, Chloe's condition worsens despite Colin's efforts.

Part Three, "The Cocktail Shaker," introduces the character of Chick, Colin's close friend and Chloe's brother. Chick obsesses over the works of Jean-Sol Partre, a renowned philosopher, and is determined to attend his lectures. His fascination leads him to neglect his job and become financially dependent on Colin. Their friendship is strained as Chick becomes engrossed in his philosophical pursuits.

In Part Four, "The Calendar," financial hardship befalls Colin, forcing him to take up various odd jobs to support Chloe's treatment. As Colin works tirelessly, Chloe's health slowly improves. However, their momentary happiness is shattered when Colin discovers that his beloved Chloe has an incurable condition linked to her illness. Despite their dwindling means, Colin and Chloe remain devoted to each other, cherishing the precious fragments of happiness they can salvage.

Froth on the Daydream is a tragic tale that delves into themes of love, tragedy, and the fleeting nature of life. Vian's narrative explores the impact of materialism and societal pressures on human relationships and highlights the human struggles faced when confronted with mortality. Through absurd situations and poetic language, the author imparts a sense of existential uncertainty and the need to cherish life's transient beauty.

By focusing on the turbulent lives of Colin, Chloe, Chick, and Alise, Vian invites readers to reflect on the fragility of existence and the power of love in the face of adversity. Froth on the Daydream serves as a poignant reminder to seek happiness in the simplest of moments, even in a world that may seem overwhelmingly absurd.

Though Boris Vian's Froth on the Daydream is a work of fiction, the profound insights it offers make it an influential piece of literature. The novel's blending of absurdity and tragedy challenges readers to question societal norms, appreciate the intangible aspects of life, and contemplate the meaning of existence itself.

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