Indian Kingdoms and Empires

A map showing the major cities and cultural centers of the Indian Kingdoms and Empires, c. 400 b.c.e.– 500 c.e.

Composition of the Mahābhārata

Alexander the Great Begins Expansion of Macedonia

Mauryan Empire Rises in India

Construction of the Māhabodhi Temple

Aśoka Reigns over India

Third Buddhist Council Convenes

Tipiṭaka Is Compiled

Birth of Hinduism

The Bhagavad Gita Is Created

Fourth Buddhist Council Convenes

Caṅkam Literature Composed in South India

Kushān Dynasty Expands into India

Gupta Dynasty Reaches Its Peak Under Chandragupta II

Kālidāsa Composes Sanskrit Poetry and Plays

Buddhist Temples Built at Ajanta Caves in India