Lind, Henry Curtis

Through his lifetime of service in the legal profession, and specifically as reporter of decisions of the Supreme Court, Lind established himself as one of the standard bearers of efforts to improve and advance law reporting

A 1943 graduate of Princeton University, Lind studied law at Harvard University following his return from military service during World War II. After practicing law in Rhode Island from 1949 to 1957, Lind was employed by the Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company located in Rochester, New York. During his tenure with the publishing company, he held a variety of positions including assistant managing editor of United States Supreme Court, Lawyers’ Edition and managing editor of the Federal Department, which produced such publications as the United States Supreme Court Digest, Lawyers’ Edition, American Law Reports Federal, and the United States Code Service.

Following admission to the Supreme Court bar in 1971, Lind was appointed assistant reporter of decisions of the Supreme CourtReporters, Supreme Court. He served in that capacity from 1973 to 1979 when he assumed the position of reporter of decisions, which among its many responsibilities included publication of the official United States Reports. Lind retired in 1987 but continued to serve as a consultant and to be an active member of the Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions, an organization he founded.

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