North Dakota: Other Historic Sites

A list of important historic sites in North Dakota.

Fort Union Trading Post

Location: Williston, Williams County

Relevant issues: Business and industry, western expansion

Statement of significance: This was the principal fur-trading depot in the upper Missouri River region from 1829 to 1867.

Huff Archaeological Site

Location: Huff, Morton County

Relevant issues: American Indian history

Statement of significance: By 1500 c.e., the Middle Missouri agricultural villages were the principal focus for social organization of the Mandan people, who had developed extensive trading networks over the previous two hundred years. The Huff Village is one of the best-known and best-preserved sites of this period. Its bastioned fortification system, dense and regular arrangement of houses, and wide variety in material culture attest to the extraordinary regional impacts of their way of life. The remains of a large central house facing an open plaza preserve evidence about the ritual space, which corresponds to the complex spiritual and ideological world that the Mandan have maintained since historic times.

Menoken Indian Village Site

Location: Menoken, Burleigh County

Relevant issues: American Indian history

Statement of significance: This site shows certain structural and artifactual similarities to historic and prehistoric earthlodge villages along the upper Missouri River. Pottery and projectile point styles are indicative of the prehistoric period, and the cultural/temporal affinity is suggested to be Initial Middle Missouri Tradition from about 950 to 1300 c.e.