Ormond is a novel by Maria Edgeworth, first published in 1817. The book is a work of fiction belonging to the Romantic literary genre and is set in late eighteenth-century Ireland. The novel follows the lives of two families, the Ormonds and the Delacours, as they navigate through issues related to money, inheritance, love, and social status.

The book is divided into three parts, each with several chapters. In the first part of the book, readers are introduced to the Ormond family and their estate. The main character is Harry Ormond, the heir to the estate. Harry is in love with the beautiful and wealthy Camilla, the daughter of the influential Sir Ulick O’Shane. However, their relationship is challenged by several factors, including Harry’s lack of money and his association with the French Revolution.

Meanwhile, the Delacour family is facing their own challenges. The family is struggling financially, and Lady Delacour is dealing with a series of mysterious health problems. Her behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and she is often cruel to her daughter, Virginia.

In the second part of the book, Harry Ormond travels to London to seek a loan from a wealthy businessman named Felix Mountjoy. Harry hopes that the money will allow him to marry Camilla. However, Mountjoy has his own agenda and is more interested in manipulating Harry for his own purposes. Mountjoy also hires a tutor named Mr. Wickham to help Harry with his French, but Mr. Wickham has a questionable reputation and may not have Harry’s best interests at heart.

Back in Ireland, the Delacours are dealing with their own set of challenges. Virginia is falling in love with Harry Ormond, but she feels torn between her loyalty to her mother and her growing feelings for Harry. Lady Delacour’s health continues to decline, and rumors begin to circulate about her scandalous past.

In the final part of the book, the various plot lines come together in a dramatic conclusion. Harry Ormond returns to Ireland, but he faces a series of dangerous challenges. Mountjoy is revealed to be a villain who is plotting to seize control of the Ormond estate. Harry also faces danger from a band of Irish rebels who are planning an uprising.

As the various conflicts come to a head, the characters must make difficult choices that will determine their fates. Will Harry be able to save the Ormond estate and win the love of Camilla? Will Virginia choose Harry over her mother’s demands? And will Lady Delacour finally reveal her long-kept secrets?

Throughout the novel, Edgeworth explores several themes, including the role of money and social status in society, the nature of love and relationships, and the importance of personal integrity and honor. The novel also deals with issues related to cultural and political identity, exploring tensions between the Irish and British communities during a period of political upheaval.

Overall, Ormond is a classic work of Romantic literature that offers a rich and complex portrayal of life in late eighteenth-century Ireland. The novel is populated with memorable characters who grapple with difficult choices and navigate complex social relationships. Through their struggles, the novel offers a poignant reflection on the human condition and the challenges we all face as we strive to make our way in the world.