Post-Cold War Conflicts 1991–2005 Summary

  • Last updated on November 11, 2022

Post-Cold War Conflicts

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

1991: Gulf War

1991: Censorship During the Gulf War

1991: Air War in the Gulf

1991: Women in the Gulf War

1992: “No Fly” Zone in Iraq

1992: Somalia Occupation

1994: U.S. Troops in Bosnia

1995: NATO Troops in Bosnia

1998: Missile Attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan

1998: Bombing of Military Sites in Iraq

2000: Terrorist Attack on the USS Cole

2001: Terrorist Attacks on the United States

2001: Invasion of Afghanistan

2001: War on Terrorism

2003: Iraq War

2003: Postwar Occupation of Iraq

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