Revolutionary War 1775–1783

Revolutionary War

Censorship During the Revolution

Women in the Revolutionary War

Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events

March, 1770: Boston Massacre

December, 1773: Boston Tea Party

April, 1775: Battles of Lexington and Concord

May, 1775: Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

June, 1775: Battle of Bunker Hill

December, 1775: Battle of Quebec

August, 1776: Battle of Long Island

September, 1776: Experiments in Submarine Warfare

October, 1776: Battle of White Plains

December, 1776: Battle of Trenton

January, 1777: Battle of Princeton

August, 1777: Battle of Oriskany Creek

September, 1777: Battle of Brandywine

October, 1777: Battle of Germantown

October, 1777: Battle of Saratoga

February, 1778: Franco-American Treaties

June, 1778: Battle of Monmouth

September-October, 1779: Siege of Savannah

April-May, 1780: Siege of Charleston

August, 1780: Battle of Camden

October, 1780: Battle of King’s Mountain

January, 1781: Battle of Cowpens

October, 1781: Surrender at Yorktown

September, 1783: Treaty of Paris

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