The Beggar Maid Summary

  • Last updated on July 19, 2023
Title: The Beggar Maid

Author: Alice Munro

Publish Date: 1978

Genre: Fiction

Page Length: Approximately 300 pages


The Beggar Maid, written by acclaimed Canadian author Alice Munro and published in 1978, is a collection of interlinked short stories revolving around the life of Rose, a young woman who grows up in rural Ontario. These stories, arranged in chronological order, provide readers with an intimate portrayal of Rose's experiences and relationships as she navigates through the complexities of love, identity, and societal expectations.

Chapter 1: Royal Beatings
In "Royal Beatings," the opening story of The Beggar Maid, Rose introduces herself as a quiet and introspective young girl growing up in a dysfunctional family. Rose's relationship with her stepmother, Flo, who favors Rose's brother, Brian, significantly shapes her childhood. While Rose endures Flo's frequent outbursts of physical abuse, she also feels the ambivalent affection of her father, whose actions contribute to her sense of confusion and guilt.

Chapter 2: The Beggar Maid
Continuing Rose's story, "The Beggar Maid" portrays her adolescence and early adulthood. Rose, now attending high school, works part-time at a home for troubled girls named Sunshine, where she meets Patrick, a young Harvard student. Patrick's sudden interest in Rose unlocks her desire for a different life outside her small town. However, the story highlights the vast differences in their backgrounds and aspirations, ultimately leading to their eventual separation.

Chapter 3: Mischief
In "Mischief," Rose, now married to Patrick, faces the challenges of married life and motherhood. Despite her efforts to adapt, Rose finds herself longing for individuality and purpose beyond her roles as a wife and mother. Munro explores the complexities of personal desires within the context of societal expectations, resulting in Rose's ongoing exploration of her own identity and the sacrifices she makes for her family.

Chapter 4: Providence
"Providence" takes readers on a journey following Rose's separation from Patrick. As a single mother, Rose relocates to Vancouver, British Columbia, and embraces a new life free from societal expectations. She forms relationships with various men, such as Howard, an older poet, and Patrick's cousin, Daniel. Through these encounters, Rose continues to search for fulfillment and understanding, leading her towards a deeper sense of self-awareness.

Chapter 5: Simon's Luck
In "Simon's Luck," Rose's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Simon, a wealthy man and aspiring politician. Drawn to his magnetic charm, Rose becomes entangled in an affair with Simon, which exposes the fragility of her sense of self and her desires. This chapter explores the themes of power dynamics, societal expectations, and the consequences of personal choices.

Chapter 6: Changes and Ceremonies
The final chapter, "Changes and Ceremonies," circles back to Rose's hometown, where she returns as an established writer. The story delves into the nuances of family relationships as Rose reflects on her past and confronts the complexities of forgiveness and understanding. Ultimately, Rose realizes the significance of her journey and the transformational power of her experiences, enabling her to embrace her own identity and find her voice as a writer.

- Identity and self-discovery: The Beggar Maid delves into the exploration of identity and personal growth as Rose navigates through various relationships and life stages, ultimately finding her own voice and purpose.
- Social expectations and gender roles: The collection uncovers the constraints and expectations placed on women in a patriarchal society, highlighting the struggles Rose faces in reconciling her desires with societal norms.
- Family dynamics and relationships: The interlinked stories closely examine familial relationships, exploring the complexities of love, loyalty, and forgiveness within the context of dysfunctional families.
- Class disparities: Class differences play a significant role in Rose's journey, illustrating the challenges she faces in both her pursuit of love and her battle against societal expectations.
- Power dynamics and agency: The Beggar Maid explores power imbalances within relationships and society, inviting readers to contemplate the consequences of personal choices and the struggles for agency in a complex world.


The Beggar Maid is a significant literary work due to its nuanced exploration of identity, social expectations, and the complexities of human relationships. Alice Munro's skillful storytelling captures the readers' attention and empathy, allowing them to reflect on the broader themes and intricacies of life. The collection's timeless themes and relatable characters make it a valuable piece of literature, contributing to Munro's reputation as one of Canada's most esteemed writers.

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