The Prophet

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name The Prophet
image caption Cover of The Prophet
author Khalil Gibran
country United States
language English
genre Non-fiction
publisher Rupa & Co
release date 1923
media type Hardback and paperback
pages 127
isbn 000100039X

The Coming of The Ship

The Prophet Almustafa answers questions from the people of Orphalese before taking his leave.


Yield yourself fully to love, to both its highs and its lows, for it is the divine all-encompassing power that leads you to your fullness.


Hold your individual notes unwaveringly, in harmony with those you love.


Children are the continuation of life and should be freely and lovingly allowed to grow into their own individuality.


Give and receive freely all the bounties of life.

Eating and Drinking

Rejoice in the growing and culling of living things, as they are both essential to the ongoing nourishment of Life.


Love your work, proud of your part in the advancement of the world’s destiny.

Joy and Sorrow

Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin: that which brings joy or sorrow by its presence brings the reverse in its absence. The more you have of one, the more capacity you have for the other.


Seek peace amid nature’s boundless beauty, free of the material trappings which captivate you.


Be close and at one with Nature, unabashed and proud of your own physical nature.

Buying and Selling

Let each man bring one of Nature’s gifts to the marketplace, and all shall be satisfied.

Crime and Punishment

All of us are capable of misdeeds , and all actions have cause. True justice befalls the spirit, rendering irrelevant man’s own attempted judgments.


Laws are for fear of the shadows cast by every light. But no law can constrain a man’s true spirit.


Freedom comes not from waging battles against all the world’s troubles, but from ceasing to be troubled by them.

Reason and Passion

Cherish both the passion of your heart and the reason of your mind, so that you may be both driven and guided in pursuit of your dreams.


Pain is for us a necessary partner to Pleasure, and no less a guide.


Infinite wisdom of the soul lies within us all, ripe for the unfolding.


Teachers do not impart wisdom, but lovingly lead others to their own understanding.


Friendship sustains the spirit, affording openness of heart and mind, deepening of the spirit, and companionship in all of life’s experiences.


Talk is often idle chat, and there is much which cannot be conveyed through words alone. But speech imbued with spirit retains its impression even after the words used have been forgotten.


Time, like the soul’s universal love, is boundless and eternal. Everything in the present is inextricably linked to everything past and future.

Good and Evil

We are all good in our own measure. Do not construe as evil those less blessed than us.


In prayer we commune with the Universe. We should pray not for our needs which are already known and necessary to it, but in ecstatic meditation of our place in the Universe’s greater frame.


Reap joyously and unashamedly the Pleasure of fulfilling your Purpose.


Beauty is everywhere and in everything, if we but look.


May your daily life be your religion, as the divine is all about you and in everything you do.


Fear not Death, for it is your culmination to return to the melting-pot of Life.


You are far greater than you know, and all is well.

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