U.S. Presidents (and Their Opponents) 1877–1921 Summary

  • Last updated on November 10, 2022
PresidentPartyTerm of OfficeLosing CandidatePartyRutherford B. HayesRepublican1877–1881Samuel J. Tilden 1DemocraticJames A. GarfieldRepublican1881–1881 2Winfield Scott HancockDemocraticChester A. Arthur 3Republican1881–1885N/AN/AGrover ClevelandDemocratic1885–1889James G. BlainRepublicanBenjamin HarrisonRepublican1889–1893Grover ClevelandDemocraticGrover ClevelandDemocratic1893–1897Benjamin HarrisonRepublicanWilliam McKinley 4Republican1897–1901William Jennings BryanDemocratic/PopulistTheodore RooseveltRepublican1901–1909Alton B. ParkerDemocraticWilliam H. TaftRepublican1909–1913William Jennings BryanDemocraticWoodrow WilsonDemocratic1913–1921Theodore Roosevelt (1912); Charles Evans Hughes (1916)Republican

1 The Hayes-Tilden election of 1876 produced unclear results, but by agreement between the two parties Hayes was seated as president while Tilden and the Democrats got a pullout of federal troops in the South.

2 Garfield was assassinated while in office.

3 As vice-president, Arthur succeeded Garfield and served one term.

4 McKinley won re-election in 1900, again against Bryan, but was assassinated in 1901, six months into his second term.

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