White Tiger

The White Tiger- by Aravind Adiga
(winner of the Man Booker Prize 2008)
The White Tiger – the creature which is born only one a generation – is what Balram Halwai metaphorically describes himself,. The story spans over letters written to Wen Jiabao(the Chinese Prime Minister) over a period of seven nights where Balram Halwai describes his journey from an ordinary driver from one of the countless villages in Dark India to a social as well as a well established financial entrepreneur in the IT city Bangalore which symbolizes the India of light and prosperity.Caught between his conscience to be a loyal and faithful servant and to break free from the shackles a poverty, Balram describes his journey to the Chinese Premier(no proof that he actually posts the letters)including the finer details of the sins committed and exactly what led him to committing those sins.