Yang, Jerry

While working on a doctorate in electrical engineering at California’s Stanford University, Jerry Yang cofounded Yahoo!, which provided one of the first and most popular Internet search engines and became one of the most successful companies to ever to do business on the World Wide Web.

Jerry Yang’s father was born on mainland China but died when Yang himself was only two. His mother moved his family from Taiwan to San Jose, California, when he was eight and changed his first name from Chih-Yuan to Jerry. Yang graduated from Piedmont Hills High School, where he was his class valedictorian and senior class president, and nearby Stanford University, where he majored in electrical engineering.Taiwanese immigrants;Jerry Yang[Yang]Yang, JerryYahoo!World Wide Web;Yahoo!Taiwanese immigrants;Jerry Yang[Yang]Yang, JerryYahoo!World Wide Web;Yahoo![cat]BIOGRAPHIES;Yang, Jerry[cat]BUSINESS;Yang, Jerry[cat]EAST ASIAN IMMIGRANTS;Yang, Jerry

Jerry Yang speaking at a consumer electronics trade show in 2007.

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After earning a master’s degree, Yang was working on his doctorate in 1994, when he and David Filo created a Web site that consisted of a directory of other Web sites. Initially called “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” it was later renamed “Yahoo!,” an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Yahoo! became so popular that Yang and Filo left graduate school to incorporate Yahoo! in 1995.

Yahoo! became one of the earliest and commercially most successful Internet search engines and web portals. Yang stepped down from active management of Yahoo! in 2009 but remained on its board of directors.Taiwanese immigrants;Jerry Yang[Yang]Yang, JerryYahoo!World Wide Web;Yahoo!

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