YouTube Terms of Service

  The summary is a short description of what services are offered by the YouTube application. According to the application, YouTube entails components such as the description of the services provided, terms of the agreement, and the names of a service provider.  Each of the above features is further broken down into various categories such as the users of the Service, content and conducts, account suspension and termination, software in the Service, legal terms, and lastly, the conditions of the agreement. 

         Our Service or the Service allows the subscribers to discover, watch, and share videos and other content around people in the globe. The information shared begins with the content creator posting his or her advert on YouTube through the help center. YouTube incorporates legal information that includes social and business information. Further, YouTube contains entertainment information primarily for the young kids to enjoy watching. Besides, YouTube also has Partner Program, and YouTube Paid Memberships and Purchases.

Further, it has other privileges such as enjoying television services, games, and Google home. The Service provides in YouTube is the Google LLC, a company operating under the laws of Delaware located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View. Application terms are the guidelines that YouTube has set to enhance safety and copyright policies. Content creators and subscribers are therefore required to adhere to these set rules and regulations.

          On your use of the Service, the category is further broken down into various components such as the content of the Service, Google accounts and the channels, information put in YouTube, Permissions and Restrictions, reservation, and lastly, the changes to the Service. Other components of YouTube include your content and conduct, account suspension and termination, software in use, legal terms, and lastly, the agreement signed. In conclusion, YouTube is one of the best content-sharing applications that has been well managed.