Bodas de Sangre (english)

Bodas de Sangre centers around the struggle of Leonardo, a man who is married and has one child, with another to be born soon, but who is still in love with his ex-girlfriend of 3 years. He even rides his horse so hard that everyone has noticed, and his “suegra” tells him that he will ride the horse to death — he is secretly riding out to where the “novia” lives. She is also still in love with him, but is attempting to put the past behind her and is getting married to another man. However, on the day of her wedding, she becomes more and more agitated, as she realizes what she is getting herself into with “el novio” and that she in fact does not love him nor wish to be married to him. She and Leornardo finally run away together, but the play ends in tragedy, with the death of both Leornardo and el novio, fighting (off-screen, in the tradition of the ancient Greek tragedies) for honor. The last act has many supernatural elements, typical of Lorca, including the moon and a beggar who talk about the characters, fate, life, and death.