First Time Dad

“infobox Book”
name First Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need to Know
orig title
author John Fuller with Paul Batura
country United States
language English languageEnglish
classification Non-fiction
genre Fatherhood, Christian Living
publisher Moody Publishers
release_date May 2011
media_type Paperback, Kindle
pages 176
isbn ISBN 10: 0802487505

First Time Dad is a clear, concise resource for new and expectant fathers, providing practical ways to navigate the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional changes that accompany the new role. Written by Focus on the Family vice president and radio broadcast cohost John Fuller, the book is also a personal history, with insights and anecdotes drawn from the author’s experience as a father of six.
The twelve chapters in this book cover topics like the importance of being an engaged dad, keeping your priorities straight, how a baby affects your marriage, loving your wife, bonding with your children, knowing your child, responding to gender differences and overcoming negative examples of fathering in your past. Chapters include biblical references, action lists, research-backed examples and a list of suggested resources for going deeper.
Throughout the book, the author writes candidly about his mistakes and struggles as a father and husband as well as the joy and privilege he has experienced in this role. The book also draws examples from the lives of other well-known men like Truett Cathy, Steven Curtis Chapman, Arthur Gordon, Dr. James Dobson and Paul Harvey.

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